Debt Capital Raising

Holland & Hodge Capital Partners LLC maintains strategic longstanding relationships with family offices, institutional & private investors, REITS, insurance companies, mezzanine and senior debt lenders and other capital sources allowing us to raise the capital stack and meet the sophisticated financial needs of all of our clients.

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After we receive and review a brief pre-approval form, we provide a clear and competitive term sheet. In the pre-approval form, we ask for basic details of your loan request including a description of the collateral. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Deadlines and dates which are critical to the transaction
  • The specific property address
  • Whether the loan is for a property acquisition or refinancing of an existing loan
  • The purchase price of the property
  • The intended renovation budget
  • The intended asking price for the property (assuming the project is going to be resold after renovation)
Paperwork required includes: Loan agreement, promissory note and deed of trust, personal guarantee, letter of intent, title insurance, homeowner insurance Required insurance Title insurance naming lender as insured and property insurance naming lender as additional insured and loss payee.